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Welcome to the sound of the underground; immersive, uplifting and nourishing sound baths using the harmonics of gemstone, mineral and crystal alchemy. Kick back, tune in, bliss out and bathe in beautiful tones. Escape the daily rush and surrender to the magic of the moment.

 Requiring nothing more than your presence, Sound Sebastien creates small pockets of paradise for a fast-paced world. 


Jas and Toni x


Two like-minded Aquarians, Toni Dicks and Jasmine Hemsley share a passion for the power and joy of sound. Having practiced in the wellness field for a number of years, the duo were drawn to the study of and practise of sound as an extension of their existing philosophies and an antidote to the yang energy of inner city life.

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"The sound bath was like stepping into a healing cocoon to reset my body, mind and soul; a magical hour I would like to experience over and over again!"

Candice Fragis, Farfetch

"The most wonderful excuse to not have to think about anything else and just enjoy the moment. Seriously relaxing โ€“ I felt like I was on a cloud afterwards"

Miranda Thompson, Commissioning Editor at YOU

"Let the glorious crystal waves wash over you as you're led through the unique experience of sound bathing by Jasmine and Toni. I've never felt so relaxed but was also invigorated. I'm an instant convert..." 

Emily Phillips, Features Director at Grazia

"Thank you ever so much for the wonderfully restorative sound bath โ€“ I don't remember the last time I felt so energised and grounded! It was such a positive first experience and certainly won't be the last..." 

Shahroo Izadi, Behavioural Change Specialist & Author of The Kindness Method


"I went into the sound bath as a sceptic and left as a convert. I have no idea what happened in that room, but I felt bloody amazing" 

Brigid Moss, Health Director at Red


Find Sound Sebastien at seasonal sound bath residencies around London and pop-up workhops. 
Contact us, for private sessions, events and corporate experiences.

Photographs by Nick Hopper and Georgie Holt