meet the bowls

Meet the Sound Sebastien bowls that each have their own unique personality and spirit that shape every Sound Bath experience. The crystal singing bowls are made of the highest quality (99.992% pure) quartz crystal, making them resonant and clear. The tones produced are not just heard by the ear, but felt throughout the body, with certain notes, C, D, E, F, G, A, B, affecting and corresponding with different energy centres (chakras) for healing, balancing & meditation. Each crystal singing bowl is tested with digital technology to identify its sound, in which one will have a sense of which tone "feels"congruent with individual needs or desires. 

NickHopper_SoundSebastien_pink bowls in the dark.jpg

OM TEMPLE  'The Dream weaver'

| C# | Red | Root Chakra | The natural way of nurturing the sexual and passionate side and manifesting our wildest dreams. Grounding one's energies in the physical body. 

Lavender aura Gold  'emotional freedom'

| A# | Dark blue | Third Eye | Emotionally healing and calming of the nerves. This bowl lifts the spirit and frees the mind of troubles.



dead Sea Violet  'the cleanser'

| F# | Green | High Heart Chakra | Clears the negative energies within a space and offers up the ability to eliminate blockages, fear and limitations. 


YAGNA ashes  'Ancient wisdom'

| A# | Dark blue | Third Eye | Higher frequencies from the powerful mantra's of Ganesha, Lakshmi, Durga, Kali, and Shira Vishnu|


silver flame  'the grounding bowl'

| D | Orange | Sacral Sexual Chakra | All that is required to let go of consciousness and submit to the love and desire that is needed to fully know oneself


Emerald opaque  'Inner beauty yielder'

| F# | Green or Pink | Higher Heart Chakra | Helping us align with our heart chakra and true wisdom. Cultivating more openness, emotional balance and self love


ocean indium  'The balance bowl'

| C# | Red | Root Chakra | Where everything falls into place. A promotion of better chi, diet, mobility, spiritual alignment and balance between female and male energies or yin and yang


mother of platinum rose quartz  'Heart - to - heart bowl'

| A# | Dark blue | Third Eye | Energises our heart, as well as our core chakra. The Yin energy stimulates our divine feminine. A beautiful calming and grounding effect on the listener