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Toni and Jasmine create soothing sound baths to relax, uplift and inspire as an antidote to the hectic pace of life. Here you can find up and coming residencies for Sound Sebastien, but also find other people in the industry heading Sound events, some that are close to our hearts. We want to create a community where people can find Sound Baths all over London, that aren't just our own. 

For private sessions, events and corporate experiences, contact us.


The London EDITION presents Sound Sebastien, starting Mon 15th January until 19th February. Bringing the healing power of Sound Baths to the city. Switch your brainwaves, open the heart and nourish the spirit. A moment in time for you to be enveloped in the wave of therapeutic tones of crystal alchemy singing bowls, it's a session to reset and renew through a sound-induced meditative state complete with soft blankets, lavender eye pillows and essential oils. Simply turn up and turn off.

Explore the healing power of Sound Sebastien in even more depth, with private sessions  combining sound bathing with complementary healing practices. From aromatherapy with Reiki and highest grade essential oils, to a Resonance Facial Sound Session using organic skincare,from a ChiSo sound session with Indian head & reflexology to a Yinso session drawing from the poses of Yin Yoga, each session is completely bespoke and priced from £180 for 60 minutes. Contact hello@soundsebastien.com for more info or special requests.

JANUARY 10th 2018

Hip & Healthy Concept Store event, 6:30 pm on Wednesday, 10th January: Become inspired, energised and filled with good vibrations. Kick back, tune in, bliss out and bathe in beautiful tones as part of this immersive experience. 

We run a huge number of wellbeing activities across Leon but the singing bowls played by Toni & Jasmine were probably the best received of everything we have ever done. Our team were talking about this for weeks after and we will continue to include them in future events.
— Julian Hitch, Director of Wellbeing - LEON restaurants

Further information about our sessions

Unique events

Sound Sebastien are available for one-off events. For example, this summer Sound Sebastien held a unique session in the Detox Kitchen for Grazia to celebrate their 'Unplugged Issue'. At the sold out event, Toni and Jasmine played an exclusive one hour sound bath session, bringing everyone gently into their day and helping them disconnect to reconnect.

Sound Sebastien pop-up

Toni and Jasmine present a two hour session to help you kick back, tune in, bliss out and bathe in beautiful tones. Restorative, relaxing, and not requiring anything more than your presence. Sound Sebastien creates a small pocket of paradise in an unbalanced world.

Price: £45

YinSo Yoga pop-up

Toni and Jasmine present two hours of pure bliss, when you will be taken through a journey of sensory indulgence. Relax in deeply detoxifying yoga postures whilst enjoying sounds, aromas, light, touch, intention setting and taste.

Price: £50

Sound Sebastien top-up

Toni presents a Sound Sebastien top-up hour as a perfect Friday night or weekend wind down and re-set. Take your place on a comfy mat, lie back under a blanket, soothe your eyes with a lavender pillow, and let the beautiful tones of our crystal alchemy singing bowls wash through you. 

Price: £22

YinSo Yoga top-up

Toni presents two hours of Yin yoga with the use of sound and essential oils, taking you on a carefully designed journey through the chakras. This simple seven step sequence will help you both ground and elevate the body into balance and prepare for the week ahead.

Price: £30

Sound Sebastien are also available for private sessions, events and corporate experiences. To find out more, contact us.